Better long term Safety and Uptime performance of your pipeline systems.

This is our goal. To reach this, we guide and enable the transformation from Time Based to Predictive maintenance.

Benefits for our clients

Knowing more implies less unexpected incidents

Better performance by less disruptions

Decrease risk level by better insights and preventive actions

Enable more efficient use of budget

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Our client.
No unplanned interruptions in operations.

As pipeline operator or owner you do not compromise on safety. You want to have good insights in your pipelines integrity and in potential risks. Your commercial and operational strategy should not be governed by unexpected interruptions of your pipeline assets.

You are open to innovation and feel data analysis might help you improve your performance. Yet need to control inspection and maintenance budgets.

Recognize this? Then we would like to talk!

We know pipelines.
And believe in the strength of data.

For pipeline assets we collect relevant data of key influence factors affecting integrity. By predictive analysis and benchmarking - using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - we provide insights in corresponding risks, even without physical inspection or installing sensors. For challenging and so-called non-piggable pipelines this can be a beneficial approach. Based on these insights we support our clients making the right choices of action. Inspection, repair, replacement or an adjusted operating philosophy? We help with assessment methods, follow-up actions and maintenance strategies. Find out how we can help you.

We contribute by knowledge, strong interfacing and teamwork.

IRM Smart Pipeline Data focuses on the development of tools, methods and software systems to enable proactive predictive maintenance of pipeline systems.

We are ambitious and strive to have impact by smarter asset inspection and maintenance. Working closely together with clients and partners we believe significant value is created to pipeline owners and operators worldwide.
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